Bolt-on Features

Some bolt-ons may already be included in the next package up from the one you have selected.

If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us and we will work out the best deal for you.

**Bolt-on charges will be billed in advance**

Logo Design
From £150

..makes it easy for people to identify your brand and distinguishes you from the competition. £150 for 2 logo designs, additional logo designs will be charged at our studio rate of £75 per hour.

Content Writing
From £75 per page

..on your website is well written, helpful to the customer and optimised for conversions.

Keywords SEO
From £25 per page

… is the act of researching, analysing and selecting the best keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website.

Traffic Driver SEO
From £100 per month

.. with our Traffic Driver service. We use positive search engine optimisation practices to boost your website ranking.

Extra Pages
£10 per page, per month

… It may be more cost effective for you to move up one level of package and take advantage of the other additional benefits.

Extra Email Addresses
£2.50 per month

… How many you have depends on the plan you are on. If you require additional emails let us know and we can set it up straight away for you.

Booking Calendar
From £200

…Allow your visitors to book courses, events, hotel rooms or dining tables by date & time via your website.

Payment Portal
From £150

…We can add a payment portal to your website so that your customers can pay by PayPal, Stripe, Citypay and more.

SSL Certificate
£2.50 per month

… that the information they submit via your site is secure.  It adds the prefix: ‘https’ to your domain. This is worth having as Google penalises websites without SSL and indicates that they are ‘not secure’.

Animated Videos
From £45

… and can be anything from an eye-catching animated version of your logo to a short promotional video. Ask us for a quote.

Click Here to view examples of our animated videos.

Social Media Banner Design From £75

… and banners to use on your social media, such as Facebook & Twitter



Not available on Business Pro or eCommerce Websites

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