Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-24T12:41:53+01:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the pay monthly website charges work?2021-04-24T11:52:12+01:00

You are required to pay your first pay monthly fee and a set up fee at the start of the project. Once that is paid we start website build process. Pay monthly website fees are then required on the 1st of each month. There is no lengthy, fixed-term contract period on our pay monthly website plans. You are free to cancel at anytime by giving us 30 days’ notice. This is often referred to as a rolling monthly contract.

We’ll set-up a direct debit with you when you first sign-up or you you can pay by standing order so we the can collect a regular payment each month. It’s that simple. Any upfront cost and add-on services will also be collected within the first month of signing up.

If you decide to cancel your contract, you will need to provide us with 30 days’ notice via email. After we’ve received your notice, we’ll confirm any final payments due and let you know when your website services will be switched-off.

Is there a set-up fee?2021-04-24T07:18:12+01:00

Yes, we call this our project start fee and it covers expenses that are encountered by us setting up your new website (Hosting, domain purchase etc).

Our booking fees are as follows:

Website Package Booking Fee
Start Up 5 Page Website package £250
Plus+ 10 Page Website package £350
Pro 20 Page Website package £500
Ultimate 40 Page Website package £750

Contract and Cancellations?2021-04-24T12:02:45+01:00

Pay monthly plans are provided on rolling one month contracts. The full cost of your website design and build is spread over a period of time and the cost of the plan you have taken is calculated on the basis of paying of the design and build cost over a minimum period of 24 months.

While on the pay monthly plan we provide you with FREE design time each month which can be used to update your website. The amount of time you get depends on which website package you are subscribed to. We usually charge £75 per hour for this services so it a fabulous freebee.  This free design time is essential for updating blogs or adding content and products to your website. Updating your website on a regular basis is a great way of improving your websites SEO and helps to keep you at the top of the search engine rankings and above your competitors listings. As part of the monthly subscription, you also get a Free .com or domain name, and free website hosting. You also get 10 free standard business email accounts.

If you remain on the Design Pay Monthly option you will continue to receive the regular monthly website design updates, your Free .com or domain name and Free hosting. After 24 months you can opt to drop down to our Hosting Only monthly package.  This costs less than the design pay monthly plan, but you no longer receive the Free domain name or Free Website content updates.

If you choose to opt for the Hosting Only package after your initial contract ends our pricing for these plans are as follows:

Lite Hosting Only Website Package: £12.50 hosting fee per month

Plus Hosting Only Website Package:  £20 hosting fee per month

Pro Hosting Only Website Package: £25 hosting fee per month

Ultimate Hosting Only Website Package:  £35 hosting fee per month

Shop Hosting Only Website Package:  £50 hosting fee per month

The Hosting Only subscription includes weekly backups of your website plus monthly security & software updates.

Cancellation of Plans

If you decide to cancel your pay monthly website within 24 months there will be some outstanding website design and build costs that will need to be settled. 

Pay Monthly Design and Pay Monthly Hosting plans may be cancelled with 14 days notice required in writing. Refunds for remaining period of that month are not provided and we charge a £30 administration fee to process cancellation.

Transferring your website to another agency.

We don’t like loosing our clients so please let us know if you are unhappy before moving your website to another agency. We are here to help and assist and will do our best to provide a solution to any problem. If for some reason you still want to transfer your website to another agency we will of course arrange this for you.  

All oustading fees must be paid in full prior to the transfer taking place.

Webby charge a £180 fee for website transfers to cover the time required to safely back up all data and action the transfer of your website, email accounts and domain name to your new provider.

Why should I use Webby?2019-05-15T15:33:35+01:00

At Webby we care about SME’s. We have created pay monthly website packages that allow businesses to have amazing websites, but with the cost spread over a period to help manage cash flow.

Think of the benefits:

  • You can have a top quality website with just a small upfront fee followed by affordable monthly payments.
  • All of your website costs wrapped up into one monthly package. No hidden charges or fees
  • Friendly and honest customer service.
  • Ongoing reliable website management. We can update your website whenever you need and continually work to keep it speedy and secure.

We don’t offer a lesser service – just a better way of you paying for it.

Can I transfer my existing website to you?2019-05-15T15:35:02+01:00

Very possibly! However, this can be tricky due to the size and set-up of some websites. In some cases, it may be more cost effective for us to build you a new website within the packages that we offer.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Can you help me with content writing?2019-05-15T15:36:15+01:00

Yes! If you would like us to create copy that is sales driven and optimised for SEO then we can certainly do this for you.

This service is available as one of our bolt-ons. See our website design page for more information.

Can you design a logo for me?2019-05-15T15:26:18+01:00

We have a vast amount of brand design experience spanning over 30 years years and covering numerous industries.

We can design for you a basic logo for your website, or we can undertake a full branding service for you.

Why WordPress?2019-05-01T09:35:42+01:00

WordPress is a very flexible content management system (CMS) that we use to build our websites. It can be used for any type of website, large or small, from simple static one-page websites to multi-page more complex websites. The benefit of WordPress is that developers around the world are constantly working to make new features and improve it. This means that website designers like us can concentrate on building awesome websites using the tools that they provide. It is constantly evolving and upgrading, allowing your website to evolve with it.

Being a CMS means that you can have access to the website (through an admin area) and make changes yourself. This is great for blogging. However, we warn our customers about making structural changes to the website. Any mishaps that may occur and require fixing would be done so by us at our hourly rate of £75.

What about a domain name?2019-05-01T09:46:04+01:00

Your domain name is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.

If you do not already have a domain name, we will help you choose the perfect domain name to reflect your business.  This cost will be included in your pay monthly package.

The domain will need to be renewed every 12-24 months and this charge will be included within the cost of your hosting fee which is part of your pay monthly package.

What do you need from me?2019-05-15T15:28:13+01:00

We have comprehensive website design questionnaires which you can complete either online, or we can talk you through it over the phone.

This questionnaire forms our consultation and covers topics from content to colour schemes to type-face. You may already have these decided, or you may wish us to create these for you. The idea is that we extract as much information from you as possible so that we can present your business in the best way possible in your new website.

Can I pay by instalments?2019-05-08T08:54:33+01:00

Yes! We have created affordable plans that allow you to spread the cost of your new website.

Visit our website design page for more information.

What about ongoing charges?2019-06-04T09:28:18+01:00

Our website and email hosting fee is included in your package.

Every 12 or 24 months your domain may need to be renewed. This is included within all of our pay-monthly packages.

We include a certain amount of free amendment/update time per month, which differs between packages. If you require any amendments to the website over this time, it will be done at our hourly rate of £75. We will always provide you with a quote beforehand.

How long will it take?2019-05-08T08:54:57+01:00

It takes approximately 2-4 weeks to build a website from start to finish, providing we have all the information from you.

Once we have completed the initial website build we will send you a link to review it. We can make any adjustments for you at this point. Once any alterations have been made we will make the website live.

On average this whole process with take 4-5 weeks. For larger, more complex websites, this may take longer. As such, for smaller projects this may be a quicker process.

Are there any hidden costs?2019-05-08T08:55:05+01:00


We always provide quotes prior to any work, and costs are clearly documented.

However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

What about website hosting?2021-04-24T12:08:59+01:00

Whilst on one of our pay monthly plans you get website hosting included for Free.

If you opt for a pay up front option for your website you will receive Free website hosting for the first year, after which time we charge an annual website hosting and maintenance fee.

Our hosting only pricing is as follows:

Lite Hosting Only Website Package: £12.50 hosting fee per month

Plus Hosting Only Website Package:  £20 hosting fee per month

Pro Hosting Only Website Package: £25 hosting fee per month

Ultimate Hosting Only Website Package:  £35 hosting fee per month

Shop Hosting Only Website Package:  £50 hosting fee per month

You can opt to pay these fees annually.

The Hosting Only subscription includes weekly backups of your website plus monthly security & software updates.

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