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(3 page website)

Our Start-up package is ideal for small businesses who want a simple and cost effective way to promote their business online.

£24.99 per month

+ £150 set-up fee

Included in this package:

Newly designed WordPress website

Responsive design

Free or .com domain name

3 x 2GB Business email

3 Free stock images

Unlimited updates.

You don't have to worry about updating your website.

We do that for you!

Super-fast website hosting

Technical support

Weekly backups

Business Plus

(5 page website)

Business Plus is ideal for small to medium businesses that want to utilise the power of a website to increase business.

£39.99 per month

+ £175 set-up fee

Included in this package:

Newly designed WordPress website

Responsive design

Free or .com domain name

5 x 2GB Business email

5 Free stock images

Unlimited updates.

You don't have to worry about updating your website.

We do that for you!

Super-fast website hosting

Technical support

Weekly backups

Business Pro

(10 page website)

Business Pro is ideal for growing businesses that actively utilise their website as one of their revenue channels.

£49.99 per month

+ £200 set-up fee

Included in this package:

Newly designed WordPress website

Responsive design

Free or .com domain name

6 x 2GB Business email

10 Free stock images

Unlimited updates.

You don't have to worry about updating your website.

We do that for you!

1 x Animated video

Blog management

Super-fast website hosting

Technical support

Weekly backups


Business Elite

(20 page website)

Business Elite is ideal for growing businesses that requires a larger more bespoke website. This plan is tailor to you and your customers needs.

£74.99 per month

+ £250 set-up fee

Typical elements:

Bespoke design

Unique features

eCommerce (Online Shop)

Booking forms & calendars 

Sliding / Moving elements

SEO Integration.

Registration & management across all Google platforms

Premium domains

On-site Video / Photoshoots

Animated Video

Dedicated hosting server

As well as all standard features

Looking for something a little more custom? Click here to request a quote.

Stick with the plan and you get a full website redesign every two years

All of our pay monthly plans include a full website redesign every two years, meaning your website will always look fresh and on trend.

You’ll never be jealous of a competitors new website again!

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Popular add-on services

Improve your website and brand with our range of add-on services

Logo Design
From £150

..makes it easy for people to identify your brand and distinguishes you from the competition. £150 for 2 logo designs, additional logo designs will be charged at our studio rate of £75 per hour.

Content Writing
From £75 per page

..on your website is well written, helpful to the customer and optimised for conversions.

Keywords SEO
From £25 per page

… is the act of researching, analysing and selecting the best keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website.

Traffic Driver SEO
From £100 per month

.. with our Traffic Driver service. We use positive search engine optimisation practices to boost your website ranking.

Extra Pages
£10 per page, per month

… It may be more cost effective for you to move up one level of package and take advantage of the other additional benefits.

Extra Email Addresses
£2.50 per month

… How many you have depends on the plan you are on. If you require additional emails let us know and we can set it up straight away for you.

Booking Calendar
From £200

…Allow your visitors to book courses, events, hotel rooms or dining tables by date & time via your website.

Payment Portal
From £125

…We can add a payment portal to your website so that your customers can pay by PayPal, Stripe, Citypay and more.

SSL Certificate
£2.50 per month

… that the information they submit via your site is secure.  It adds the prefix: ‘https’ to your domain. This is worth having as Google penalises websites without SSL and indicates that they are ‘not secure’.

Animated Videos
From £45

… and can be anything from an eye-catching animated version of your logo to a short promotional video. Ask us for a quote.

Click Here to view examples of our animated videos.

Social Media Banner Design From £75

… and banners to use on your social media, such as Facebook & Twitter

Something else?

… we can’t possibly list everything! If there is something else that you want to add to your website ask us for a quote.



Not available on Business Pro or eCommerce Websites

How to order your new website

1. Choose a plan

Choose the pay monthly website plan that suits your business requirements and budget.

2. Contact us

We can discuss our services and answer any questions that you may have. 

3. Website planning

We’ll discuss your full requirements and gain a better understanding of your business.

4. We create your new website

We get to work designing your website. We usually complete website design within two weeks.

5. We launch your new website

Once you are happy with your new website we’ll hit the launch button.

6. We keep your site updated

Your website plan includes monthly updates for two years. Whether it’s updating existing pages or adding new ones, your website will always be relevant and up to date.

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Take a look at some of our recently completed projects

Take a look at some of our recently completed projects

Click on the image to visit the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the contract?2019-09-25T09:49:40+01:00

Our pay monthly websites are on rolling 24 month contracts and continue as long as you have the website. Your monthly payments cover the initial design of your website, along with hosting fees, daily backups, general maintenance plus monthly security & software updates. The fee also entitles you to design time each month to update your website, the specific time depending on which package you are subscribed to. This design time is usually charged at £75 per hour. Your design time is essential for updating blogs updates or adding content and products. Updating your website on a regular basis is a great way of improving your websites SEO and helps to keep you at the top of the search engine rankings.

Every two years we will redesign your website with a fresh look and styling, that ensures your website will always look on-trend and modern and, more importantly, better than your competitors websites.

After the initial 24 month contract you can choose to drop down to the hosting only package for your website, however, you will lose the benefit of the monthly design updates and the website redesign every two years. The cost of ‘hosting only’ packages are as follows:

Start Up: £15 hosting fee per month
Business Light:  £20 hosting fee per month
Business Plus: £30 hosting fee per month
Business Pro:  £40 hosting fee per month

Your hosting fee includes daily backups of your website plus monthly security & software updates.

Why should I use Webby?2019-05-15T15:33:35+01:00

At Webby we care about SME’s. We have created pay monthly website packages that allow businesses to have amazing websites, but with the cost spread over a period to help manage cash flow.

Think of the benefits:

  • You can have a top quality website with just a small upfront fee followed by affordable monthly payments.
  • All of your website costs wrapped up into one monthly package. No hidden charges or fees
  • Friendly and honest customer service.
  • Ongoing reliable website management. We can update your website whenever you need and continually work to keep it speedy and secure.

We don’t offer a lesser service – just a better way of you paying for it.

Can I transfer my existing website to you?2019-05-15T15:35:02+01:00

Very possibly! However, this can be tricky due to the size and set-up of some websites. In some cases, it may be more cost effective for us to build you a new website within the packages that we offer.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Can you help me with content writing?2019-05-15T15:36:15+01:00

Yes! If you would like us to create copy that is sales driven and optimised for SEO then we can certainly do this for you.

This service is available as one of our bolt-ons. See our website design page for more information.

Can you design a logo for me?2019-05-15T15:26:18+01:00

We have a vast amount of brand design experience spanning over 30 years years and covering numerous industries.

We can design for you a basic logo for your website, or we can undertake a full branding service for you.

What do you need from me?2019-05-15T15:28:13+01:00

We have comprehensive website design questionnaires which you can complete either online, or we can talk you through it over the phone.

This questionnaire forms our consultation and covers topics from content to colour schemes to type-face. You may already have these decided, or you may wish us to create these for you. The idea is that we extract as much information from you as possible so that we can present your business in the best way possible in your new website.

Can I pay by instalments?2019-05-08T08:54:33+01:00

Yes! We have created affordable plans that allow you to spread the cost of your new website.

Visit our website design page for more information.

What about ongoing charges?2019-06-04T09:28:18+01:00

Our website and email hosting fee is included in your package.

Every 12 or 24 months your domain may need to be renewed. This is included within all of our pay-monthly packages.

We include a certain amount of free amendment/update time per month, which differs between packages. If you require any amendments to the website over this time, it will be done at our hourly rate of £75. We will always provide you with a quote beforehand.

Are there any hidden costs?2019-05-08T08:55:05+01:00


We always provide quotes prior to any work, and costs are clearly documented.

However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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